If your android device has been affected by virus or malware you need to remove that right away to keep your device safe our Avg help & norton support help to remove all malware from your device.

Also, you should seek Avg help & Norton customer service phone number as the technicians can help you to make your device virus free. Also, these steps should be followed in order to remove the virus from your android device:

  • You should stop all recently used applications on your Android device. If you are unable to close those apps you should restart your cell phone and then go for the next steps.
  • Now you have to close the running application from application manager. For this, you need to go to Apps and then you should click on the Setting icon. Now click on the “Application manager” and then select “Running” to see which applications are still running in the background. Now you have to open each and every running application and then force stop them.
  • After finishing this step you need to go back to the Application Manager main screen and continue to the next step.
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  • Also, you need to uninstall the entire app which you have downloaded recently. Also, you should uninstall those apps which are unrecognizable. For this you need to click on the “All” tab from the Application manager page. Then uninstall the application one by one. To complete the uninstallation you need to click on “Clear cache” and “Clear data” before clicking on the uninstall button.
  • If you are unable to uninstall the application as the option is locked you should understand that the app is affected by the virus. Then you should go to Settings and then Security. After that, you need to click on the Device manager and then tap on the application which cannot be uninstalled. Then choose Deactivate and OK. After that, you should right away turn off your device. Now wait for a while and then restart your device. Then try to uninstall that virus affected app.
  • Next, you should delete the junk files. For this, you need to open your internet browser and then go to Settings by clicking the Options menu. There you will see the Privacy and security option and you need to click on that. Then you need to clear cache and history by clicking on those tabs.

Also, you can go to the Play store to find out the best anti-virus software and virus scan software. For this, you can also take Norton help.

The technicians can better guide your regarding anti-virus selection and installation.

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