In this article, the importance of using the updated version of an Antivirus program, to protect one’s system have been discussed. It also discusses the benefits of installing an Antivirus program.

The Internet has not only made communication and storage of information easier but effective as well. If communication can now be initiated with a single keystroke, then information too can be stored and accessed, from a computer with the click of a key. However, as a flipside to this unique advancement of technology, the Internet has also made the accessing of sensitive information much simpler for unknown parties, with deleterious consequences. The virus, malware, Trojan, and spyware programs can make one’s system vulnerable to third party attacks. Nevertheless, one can ensure the security of a system by installing and running the latest Antivirus program.

According to the AVG antivirus support technicians, many threats can be averted if clients use the most recent Antivirus program. As viruses can replicate themselves and change their attack mode frequently, it is essential to use an up-to-date Antivirus program, so that it can identify the intrusion signature effectively and remove the threat. Additionally, as new and increasingly unidentifiable virus program are released on the Internet, only the newest Antivirus programs can efficiently recognize these threats and remove them.


The Norton antivirus tech support team opine that all systems must be secured with an effective Antivirus program. According to them, some of the advantages of using an Antivirus program are as follows:

  • Securing all information: Whether a system is used for personal or for business activities information continuously gets stored in the system or on a virtual drive. Storing information in a virtual drive makes it all the more vulnerable to attacks. However, with a powerful Antivirus program and a secure firewall, this intrusion can be prevented effectively.
  • Prevent identity theft: Spyware programs can latch on to keystrokes and provide information such as bank details, passwords, email IDs and any other such personal data to an unknown third party. Nevertheless, with the latest Antivirus program, such intrusion signatures will be prevented from entering the system.
  • Protecting the system from spams: Spams and phishing mails can render one’s laptop or mobile device completely inoperable. However, with the filters provided by the Antivirus program installed, such intrusions can be deleted at the onset.

Thus,  According to the Norton antivirus tech support yo have to only install the latest Antivirus program, can one ensure the safety of the laptop or the mobile device that one uses, as well as, the information stored in these gadgets.

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