Do you think that your computer needs a health boost? You must be astonished after hearing the word “computer health boost”-Yes here health boost refers computer check up by installing antivirus. Not only computer, your tablet, mobile also require antivirus protection from malware function or virus attack for any help you can approach our best Norton customer support we help you to make your device free from antivirus

What types of problems they are facing?

  • There are lots of junk mails-

Users are getting lots of junk mails and spam mails. As a result instead of getting important mails, their account will be full of unimportant junk mails. Thus their email storage capacity becomes reduced.

  • Someone hacked the account

          Users find out that someone is using their account and sending offensive emails to other people.

  • System becomes slow

Sometimes users find out that their system becomes slow despite of having least installed programs.

  • Browser is not responding

Sometimes users face the problem as their browser is not in working condition.

  • System takes the continuous restart.

Unnecessary restart can cause to stop the important work.As a result, users lost their important documents or files before save.

  • Blue screen error display

Sometimes users get blue screen error message. And they become unable to do work on their system.

  • Driver missing

Despite of uninstallation of any driver, users find out that one of their driver or software has been missed or lost.

Norton customer support

How to deal with these problems?

  • By using antivirus people can increase the firewall protection.
  • Antivirus gives alert to the users whenever they are going to click on any new link.
  • Antivirus help to delete the junk emails and help to increase the email storage capacity.
  • Some viruses like Trojan, spyware become the reason of interruption of the function of the system. As a result, system becomes collapsed.

What actually users will get after using the antivirus?

  • Product activation

Users need to activate their product by entering the license number. And thus they can use the antivirus.

  • Product up gradation

Users need to upgrade the antivirus software at daily basis. So that, they can get the best version for their system.

  • PUA scanner

By using this, users can control the unwanted applications. As unwanted applications reduce the speed of the computer.

  • Complete system scan

Users need to scan their system at daily basis. So that if there is any virus threat arises, the antivirus will detect and remove that virus if you face any issue with your antivirus get in touch with our certified Norton customer support.


  • If Norton antivirus users feel any above-mentioned problem then they can contact at Norton customer service  1-800-764-884.This is toll-free number.
  • If avg antivirus users need any technical assistance then they can call at avg customer service number 1-800-764-884.This is open for 24*7 hours.

So now people can take rest as their antivirus software has started to protect their system from virus, spyware, and malware. Like other antivirus customer service, Norton Customer Support also provides best services for their clients for their best uses and customer satisfaction.

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